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1. About packing & loading container
    YongChang Antiques offer the free service of packing and container loading. The packing material used are corrugated paper, foam, etc. For fragile furniture, a solid crate is made to guarantee that the furniture will arrive at the destination safely. Faces of the painted cabinets or those with engraved panels are protected with the foam. And feet of the tables, cabinets, stools are usually protected with plastic round nails (Photos of examples>>>). Usually we charge no packing fee if not crating is not needed. And when packing, we always try to put small items into big ones to save space. In our packing list what is in what is clearly noted.
Loading container:
     We are always doing our best to load as many items as possible into the container. Many small pieces are put between the legs of tables. So when the container arrives, please take care in unloading. The workers should be gentle with the cargo as we are
2. Shipping, fumigation & insurance
Yongchang Antiques now works with several world famous shipping companies who provides excellent services. But you can arrange the shipping company yourself. We will do a good job at our side.
     If customs in your country demand certificate of fumigation, please let us know. So we will do it after the container is loaded. It usually takes about $100, and the cost is added up to the freight.
     Insurance is applied upon request. Around 380RMB for 100,000HK$
3. Does your furniture crack?
Actually now no furniture-makers in this world dare to guarantee that their furniture doesn't crack. But we do our best to reduce the possibility of such matters. First, most of our collections are original ones at least 100 years old, and they have already cracked. So now they cracks little. Second, we do our job of restoration only after the furniture has been well dried.  And as to the broken parts we replace them with the one made from old dried elm wood. Last the structure of Chinese furniture in a great extent diminish the damage what the cracking can bring, such as floating top of the tables, etc
Working hour
Our service is available anytime you come here. Just call 86 760 6650502 before your visit.