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Our Packing Shipping service include:
Antique inspection

Container  booking
Container Loading 
Inland transportation
Custom clearance
Documents delivering by UPS, Or DHL

Insurance (extra charge)

The documents we provide for buyers to clear customs in the destination port:

Bill of Lading

The Bill of Lading is the most important document. The shipping line will not pass it to the shipper until the container in on the water. Without the original B/L the buyer container can’t get the container. It shows: container's number, merchandise name and quantity, ship on sail date, vessel name etc…



The Invoice contains the prices of each single piece and the total value of the goods. It also include the sea freight (if the sea freight is prepaid) and the handling charge (if the condition is ex-factory). It shows the buyer’s information as well…


Packing List

It is a complete list of all the pieces loaded into inside the container: the total number of pieces and the total number of cartons as well as CBM. It also shows the container number and the goods detail packed in each carton. ( For example: carton A015 is big cabinet C018 1pc and bucket C006 5pcs).


Form A (Required European countries etc.)

The Form A, or Certificate of Origin, demonstrates where is the merchandise come from.


Fumigation (required by north American,Australiaand some customers form other countries)

The Fumigation/Disinfection Certificate claimed that the goods in the container have been fumigated/disinfected against insects and/or parasites that could be carried within the wood..


Packing Declaration (required by Australia etc.)

The Packing Declaration certifies what kind of packing materials has been used.


 Insurance (optional)

It is required by some customers. In case the shi is sank or the container is totally disappeared…

Tip: Normally we do not handling the custom clearance in the destination port nor the shipping from the destination port to door. It is cheaper and easier for the buyer to hire a broker to handle this kind work in the port.